I thought it was important for me to tell everyone who views this blog that I am only posting this blog to brag about my son, wife and dog. I don't want any comments about how one sided I am. Furthermore, I will not be following anyone, so you don't have to follow me. This blog is basically for my mom. Thank you. Oh yah, 90 percent of what I say on this blog is probably not true. Use your common sense. Do you really think my kid can walk at one day old?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

He continues to grow up

The nights have always been the worst time for Lucas. He doesn't sleep peacefully and he has the worst gas pains and because it is night, both of us are tired and that makes things seem worse.
Daunee' usually takes Lucas at night because she can comfort him better than I can. Last night I decided to stay up with him and let Daunee' get some extra sleep and he was pleasantly asleep so no big deal.
He has been going almost four hours between some large feeding and he did real good with me. Maybe he wants to break me in. His gas pain was still there, but not as bad. So at three his mom took over and by four she was in bed with me. I was a bit shocked, but Lucas was asleep in his co-sleeper. He was on his tummy, but we bought a wedge that helps hold him in place. He just layed there with his head to the side, his arms above his head and he was content.
He slept there for almost four hours. He never lasted more that 30 minutes before last night. We are so proud of him. I wonder if he can do it again tonight?

Ausitn Kennedy

So this may sound weird to most people, but today I called my nephew Austin to see what he wanted for Christmas. I had talked to his dad a couple of weeks ago, but I still couldn't find Austin anything. I had thought about getting him money, which I would like and I am sure he would too, but it sounds like that is a common gift. So I called to talk just to him, something I have never done before.

I was surprised. He didn't even sound like I remembered. Sometimes he can be a bit of a hassle, especially when he gets around his cousins and all rowled up. That is how I remember him. Tonight was different. His mom took him the phone and he sounded like a sweet young boy. He talked really well and he wasn't shy. He had no idea what he wanted at first, but as we talked I learned a couple of things about him. He likes the Broncos, which is good because Daunee and I wanted to take Taylor to a game, knowing that he liked them, and now we may take both of them. Not right away, maybe next year. Don't tell them.

But I was still impressed by how calm he was and how attentive he was considering he was watching a very good football game. We talked about seeing him Saturday, and getting to meet my son. I told him to watch out cuz Lucas and I were lifting weights to come beat him up. He laughed and said 'yah right.'

I guess I was suprised because I am never alone with Austin. We only see him when all the cousins are around. I may have had a false impression of who he really is. It is hard to come up with something to do, just my nephews and I, that isn't 'dumb' to them. I must be getting old and uncool. It happens to the best of us. I guess I will just have to find a way.

Anyway, the phone call was helpful. I have some good ideas and money is always a back-up.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just hanging out

A couple of photos of Daunee' and Lucas. Daunee' usually reads during the late hours if she can't sleep. Lucas hasn't gotten use to his co-sleeper.

Christmas Tree

This was suppose to be our second tree, but I put it up first and decided not to do the trational tree, because I hate christmas and we didn't have room.

Who does he look like?

My mom says he look like Daunee'. Her mom says he looks like me? Here are two photos of me at one week. I will get some of Daunee' when she gets the chance.

Thrid week of Church

Lucas has made it to church three weeks in a row and has done good every time. Today he was almost fussy because I forgot to change his diaper until just before we left. It took his mom some time to settle him down.

Three weeks old

Lucas is now three weeks old. He has changed so much. He is starting to sleep by himself, just during the day and not at night. He is smiling more, usually for mom and not for me, but I did get one smile. He seems to be gaining weight according to my scale. And he hasn't shot pee at me for quite some time now.
He is usually awake the most between midnight and four in the morning, Daunee's shift. He is however, staying awake more at different times throughout the day. Maybe it is a sign that he is trying to change his days and nights.

He is starting to outgrow most of his newborn outfits, mostly because he has long arms and legs. He likes to stretch out and sleep with this arms above his head. These are photos of his 3 week b-day.

Pokeydots Kennedy

Part of the FAMILY

Recently, our family dog passed away. He was 16 years old and he was a good dog till the day he died. I know my father had a hard time deciding if he should put Pokey to sleep or let him go naturally. He told me one night that his dog had been so loyal to him, that he felt he owed it to Pokey to let him live for his last breath. He did just that.

Pokey is now out of misery and back to being a young, energetic dog, running with our other past family dogs. Maybe playing some catch with a tennis ball or riding a fire truck every once in a while.

I think we should start a Pokeydots foundation with the funds going to the Crawford Volunteer Fire Department. He was well known in Crawford. He was able to stop, drop and roll as well as crawl on the ground when you called smoke. He has taught many kids at the Crawford Elementary School how to be safe when they encounter a fire. He has been a symbol and mascot of the CVFD for most of his life. He was also a good friend to grow up with. I will miss Pokey.

Here are a few photos of our family dog.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


My mom took this photo when she visited and she did a wonderful job. You can see more of her photos by clicking on her blog under followers.

Thank you mom, the photo should be on the cover of every Christmas issue of every magazine. You can enter it into any contest you want and if you win a lot of money, give me some.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

All the Help is Wonderful

We have been blessed with a lot of people wanting to help us through our first days, nights, and weeks of parenthood.
Both of our moms were here for the first couple of days to lend a hand and to hold the baby as if the ground was made of thorns.
Ellie stayed for a little over a week and helped make a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner among several other meals and she also managed to do some cleaning. You can definitely tell where Daunee gets her motherly abilities. It was a sad moment for the two of them when Ellie had to leave.
We weren't alone long when Daunee's aunt Betty Jo came up for a few days to solely stay up at night and watch Lucas so that we could catch up on our sleep. She also helped during the day after she got some much needed rest for herself.
We have enjoyed several meals from members of our church and between those and leftovers, we haven't had to cook for two weeks.
We want to thank everyone for all the help and we know that not everyone who wants to come help and see the baby have been able to. But that is alright. We will be making the family rounds this christmas. Lucas is excited to meet the rest of the family.

Quick guide to achievements

Here are a few of the achievements of Lucas.
He can already lift his head, basically from day one
He lost his belly button on November 29th.
He attended his first day of church quietly too,

He lost his plastic bell on November 3oth.
He moved up to a size 1 diaper on November 30th.
He first smiled at mom on December 5th, for her birthday.

Happy Birthday to Momma

Now Debra, I know you are sad to live so far away, but I have to blog about the babies first trip out of town.
It was today, Daunee's birthday. We went to Gillette to get pictures taken of all the grandkids. Daunee's mom made her favorite meal, chicken cordon bleu with cheesy potatoes. We also ate KFC for lunch, one of Daunee's favorite fast food restaurants. The one in Sheridan closed so trips to Gillette are the only time she can indulge.
So the prepartion for the short trip took a long time and a lot of crap. We had to make a list and begin checking it off. Sleepers, outfits, diapers, medicine, breast pump, bottles, blankets, boppy, and so on. Between the two of us we got things packed, loaded, fed and headed out of town. He does so good on road trips. Not a sound from him until a few miles from town. He had gone nearly three hours between feedings so that was really good.
A trip out of town, quite the two week graduation achievement. He actually rode on my lap steered the entire trip. Gifted I tell ya.

Two week Update

Wow, wow, wow, what a stallion. Here is Lucas at two weeks old. December 5th, 2009. He shared his two week birthday with his mom. He is stronger and stronger each day. He likes to lift his head up and he pulls out his pacifier and he waves and smiles and talks and walks. We are thinking of testing his i.q. but I am worried it will be higher than mine.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Today was my birthday. December 4th. I am now 29 years old. I have a nice home, a wonderful wife and a baby boy. I still have my dog and the four of us make a happy family. I got my first Daddy card. It was all I wanted. Truthfully, I didn't want anything, but my wife and son bought me a cake and had candles and a card. They sang happy birthday to me and then we enjoyed the treats.
That was when I realized all I wanted was the first Daddy card and a quiet night with my family. It was perfect.

Monday, November 30, 2009

One Week Update and check-up

Lucas had his one week check-up on Monday 11/30. He is doing good. Right on schedule, if not ahead. He poops and pees and is gaining weight. He no longer has any jaundice and his belly button had fallen off the night before, Sunday night.
That night his plastic bell fell off and his circumcision looks good. He is growing so fast. He had to start taking eye drops to clear up a possible eye infection or it may be clogged tear ducts.
All in all he is doing wonderful and so is his momma. His next check-up is December 18th.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Day of Church

Today is the first day of church for Lucas. He will be raised in a house that believes Jesus Christ is our lord and savior and that through him he will be saved. We attend Mountain Alliance Church in Sheridan, Wyoming. It is our old church with a new face, pastor, and meaning. We are still part of the Christian Missionary and Alliance church. We hope to dedicate Lucas Jeffrey Kennedy to the lord sometime in January. We hope to do it the same weekend we have the baby shower for freinds and family. You will be informed of when that is.

As for the service, Lucas was perfect, duh. He was asleep the entire time which made him quiet. What more could you ask for. Our congregation was in love with him and it almost felt like they were part of the whole process. They're prayers and support were a crutch we could lean throught the pregnancy. They have also brought us meals and gifts and have been very helpful. Thank you.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Baby's First Outing

I will post pictures later, but Lucas's first outing was to our local Christmas Stroll the day after Thanksgiving. It is a time when the historic main street is decorated for christmas and the streets are closed off to traffic. The local businesses stay open and the strets are busy with families taking in the holidays. The Fire department hands out free chili, the railroad gives out free hotdogs and numerous businesses offer hot apple cider and hot chocolate. Santa Clause is there to greet the children and begin his list of toys for the nice ones and the coal for the naughty ones. There are trolly rides and sleigh rides free for all to enjoy as well as several groups of carolers singing your favorite christmas songs.
Lucas did good. He saw a lot of people and basically slept the whole time. We were out and about for an hour or so and then it was time to get home for feeding. It was a really good time.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

My dog....Schultz

I have promised my dog that because he has behaved so well, I would post a blog about him. He keeps hounding me to get it done and now I have the time.

What a special little wiener. He knew something was going on when we were getting ready to go to the hospital. He was quiet and mopey and not himself. Luckily his grandma Deb took care of him and actually walked him till his paws wore off. He loved it though.

He was happy to see us return and he was very curious about his new brother. Wanting to show him the ropes he instantly licked his face and began his story, but I stopped him short because Lucas was too young and overwhelmed by a talking dog.

Shultz wouldn't let that hurt his feelings and for the past couple of days he has been by my side and Lucas's. Already a loyal dog. We are happy to have him and can't wait for Lucas to take a nap with his dog. One of the 1001 things a child should do before they leave home.

Turkey Day

Well, it is Thanksgiving and that means another day to blog. We have a lot to be thankful for, good jobs, a business that hasn't failed yet, a nice home, good family and friends, a new pastor that has really brought our church around and of course the golden wonder, Lucas. So I hope all of you who read this are having a good day with your families and remembering those who couldn't be with you and think of all that you are thankful for and don't forget to thank God.

That said, here is my boys first Thanksgiving 2009.