I thought it was important for me to tell everyone who views this blog that I am only posting this blog to brag about my son, wife and dog. I don't want any comments about how one sided I am. Furthermore, I will not be following anyone, so you don't have to follow me. This blog is basically for my mom. Thank you. Oh yah, 90 percent of what I say on this blog is probably not true. Use your common sense. Do you really think my kid can walk at one day old?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crappie Dappie Do

Well, I haven't blogged for so long and I realized that my mom needed to see Lucas. So here he is. I don't know all that he has done and we are forgetting to write it down. So I will just put some pictures up and later I will add some actual blogs.

I know his aunt Kenzie gave him a pickle, he scoots and rolls from wall to wall, he had a boil on his but, he started daycare, he went to Colorado for Midevil festival and the north pole and the zoo, and he smiles, laughs and yells more.

I just can't remember when any of these things happened. And we bought him a swing and he loves it. He loves the outdoors more than anything.

So here are some photos.