I thought it was important for me to tell everyone who views this blog that I am only posting this blog to brag about my son, wife and dog. I don't want any comments about how one sided I am. Furthermore, I will not be following anyone, so you don't have to follow me. This blog is basically for my mom. Thank you. Oh yah, 90 percent of what I say on this blog is probably not true. Use your common sense. Do you really think my kid can walk at one day old?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Daddy and me

This is one of the best smiles we have caught on camera.

My mommy and me

Despite seeing Lucas's eyes open in the one photo, he really was sleeping with his mom. I think they both exhaust each other.

Two month old Random Photos

This is his most recent photo, this weekend.

Baby Dedication

This past Sunday, Daunee' and I dedicated our son Lucas to our Lord, Jesus Christ. Our pastor spent some time with us explaining what the dedication meant. It opened our eyes to the fact that her and I are the ones who are put to the test of raising our child in the eyes of the lord. It will be solely our fault if we fail to do this. It is a big thing to take on, but we have God to look to when we don't know what to do. So here are a few photos of the dedication.

Two Months Old

We accidentally forgot to take pictures of Lucas on his two month birthday, for his two month birthday. We did take these that day but only because his little but looked so cute. So this is his two month photo.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Christmas at the Wilson's

Our second stop for Christmas was at his Grandma and Grandpa Wilson's. We got there on Christmas Eve early afternoon. The weather was rolling in so we left early, but the roads were suprisingly good.
We attended church service and then as is tradition, with her family and mine, we had soup with the family. We set our stalkings over the fire, one for Lucas, Schultz, Daunee' and myself. Luckily, Santa showed up and we all had gifts. Here are some photos.

Daunee's sister and their families came over after the kids enjoyed Christmas morning at thier homes. Traditionally, Daunee's Dad made pancakes and sausage and bacon for breakfast and then we opened up more presents. Lucas slept, but the kids helped Daunee and I open his presents.
The weather did get pretty bad so Daunee, Lucas and I stayed a couple of extra days until things cleared up. Niether of us are working so we really had no rush. We had a good time with all the family, but the holiday seemed a little off.
I think it was because we had one Christmas too early in Nebraska and then Christmas at the Wilson's wasn't filled with all the extra family members that are usually present. We even played bingo with just the immediate family. I still lost.
I don't think I am going to spread any holiday out so much. It is tough to get everyone together, but Christmas should be at most, the day before Christmas Eve until the day after Christmas Day. And it means less time on the road for me.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Lucas has One month Check-up

A day with the Keane's

Daunee', Lucas, my mom and I went to Brandi's to spend the day and have some supper today. I don't want to talk offensively, but I don't think Shane does enought for Brandi. I understand he is working all the time, but c'mon. A little effort goes a long way.
So, when I got to Brandi's it was a nice day and I noticed she didn't have any christmas lights on her house. I am not a fan of christmas lights, in fact I barely put any on my house, but I wasn't going to be there.
It was both Lucas and Cash's first Christmas and they should have lights on thier houses. A lack on Shanes part and a missed opportunity to spend time with his son Jaxon. I'll explain.
When Jaxon found out I was putting lights on his house he was excited and willing to help. He gave me hand laying out the lights and checking them. He would go get Brandi to get me things like a stapler, replacement bulbs and other things. His biggest job was to watch Schultz so he wouldn't run away. That didn't pan out so great, but we found the dog. He was still very helpful. He went to the hardware store with me, thankfully because he told me how to get there and he told me which street he lived on so we could get back. Smart little man.
We put red and white lights around the house and white lights, I think, on the bushes in front. We also had greenery on the windows and front door, with wreath. Jaxon wanted to put out Frankenstein, but I talked him out of that.
I was glad to be able to help Brandi out. I wish I was around more to help her get some things done.
Oh yah, we also spent time with Cash. The biggest little bundle of lots of happiness. He is shaped like a block and full of smiles and laughs. We had a lot of fun hanging out with him. It was weird to hold my baby, long and skinny, and then hold Cash, a chubby, but solid little baby. He is truly funny. I can't wait to see him at Jaxon age. What a hoot. In fact is the shape of an owl. He should be an owl for halloween. Teach him to hoot Brandi.
The food was really good too. We had really good enchilladas, spanish rice, beans and I was introduced to jalepeno tortilla chips. Umm Good. Thank you Brandi and the boys.

Time with my dad

The Christmas travel gave me a chance to spend time with my family, mostly my parents. I always spend time with my mom, doing nothing much other than hanging out and talking, which I enjoy, but I don't always spend time with my dad.
This trip was different. I wanted to be around my dad more. Maybe it is because I have a son now or just because I simply felt that way. My dad and I have a different relationship than my siblings do and I like that. My brothers can stop and see him any time they want, which usually involves helping him with something at the shop, and I get a little jealous about that. Being out of town and getting limited times to spend with my parents allows me to cherish them more.
Anyway, lucky for me dad had some junk to load from some old farm/ranch that he and troy were cleaning up. It was something that didn't involve mechanics so I was able to help. So I spent a day with Two Guys and Another Dog Salvage (since Pokey's passing, and since Poncho had already passed, the torch went to Bodega). The second guy is Troy Quay, a long time friend of my dads. We spent the day using tractors and skid steer and trucks and trailors doing men things. We loaded an old truck and combine I believe, among a lot of rolled wire and junk axels.
I actually got to run the tractor loader for the last bucket load and that was fun. I haven't ran the old tractors for a long time and I actually forgot which lever moved the bucket. I felt stupid, but I thought it was funny. So we didn't do much, but it was time with my dad.
I even enjoyed the simple errands of going to the grocery store and the fire hall and the storage unit.
You can't beat the time you spend with your parents. I wonder how many people stop and thing about that. They probably don't until it is too late.
Thanks Dad, I had fun.

One month photo shoot

Lucas turned one month old at Grandma Kennedy's during our Christmas travels so that meant a photo shoot. I was either sleeping or helping dad. Here are his photos.

Thank you mom, you do really good work. Reminds me of myself.

Big moment for Lucas and his parents

While at Grandma Kennedy's (gege or jammy, or gammy) for christmas, Lucas made a tremendous break through. He slept in his co-sleeper through the night. He stilled woke up and ate, but he always slept in the co-sleeper. Actually it was Brandi's and it was smaller than ours which is why we think he liked it. When we did eventually get home, he still hated his co-sleeper, but loved to sleep in his bassonnett, which was the same size as Brandi's co-sleeper. He has slept there every night ever since Grandmas.

See mom, you can still be around for some of his firsts. A first that made his parents lives much easier.

Lucas's First Christmas

Today we begin the dreaded Christmas vacation which includes going to Gillette on Friday, leaving for santa and the mall on Saturday and ending Saturday in Crawford for an early Christmas with my family. Sunday we plan to go to Scottsbluff to see Daunee's extended family and Auntee Carmen and stay until Tuesday when we will head back to Crawford and stay until Thursday, Christmas Eve and then on our way to Gillette for Christmas Eve service and Christmas day. Sounds like a long vacation with a lot of driving. Unfortunately it didn't go that way.
We did get a fresh start from Gillette on Saturday morning and we made it to the mall at a guarter to twelve, but Santa had to go to lunch at noon and they already shut down the line, so we shopped for an hour and the wait for Santa was well worth it. We still had to make a few stops because we forgot several things in Gillette. I decided that my next trip is to the destination, not stops, because I hate forgetting things. But these fews things, plus a stop at the furniture store had us driving back and forth across Rapid. By the time we left, we were a couple of hours late for the deadline that I set.
We made it to Crawford or Marsland were Greg has a new spread, by a quarter to six, just in time for photos and food. The bad thing was that I told everyone I would be there by two thirty and then four thirty. Understandibly, they were a little mad, mostly Jeremy. It was the same thing I went through for who knows how many years when I had to wait for everyone else, who were never on time. Sorry.
We did have a good time and the food was good. We had ham that Brandi cooked and brisket that Shane smoked. There were mashed potatoes and green bean casserole, rolls and salad. Lucas had boob, his favorite.
The night was followed by opening presents, playing with presents, eating again, playing with presents and playing the wii. We had a good time, a great first Christmas for Lucas. Oh yah, we didn't go to Scottsbluff because Auntee Carmen got the shingles, so a present for my mom was to have Lucas for five days.

One Month

I finally got bored enough to blog again. I noticed it has been one month since my last blog. Maybe that will be my thing, to blog just once a month. I am sure you will hate that mom. I am going to make a list of events before I forget them. I can't put any photos on because I cannot find the cable for my camera and my sd drive on the computer doesn't work.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lucas has Two month Check-up and Shots

We took Lucas to his 2 month check-up a week early because he was having some gas, stool, acid reflux issues. He weighed 11 lbs 2 oz. He is 25 1/2 inches long. He had to get three shots, but I don't know what for. We have posted his battle wounds to get some sympathy for him.