I thought it was important for me to tell everyone who views this blog that I am only posting this blog to brag about my son, wife and dog. I don't want any comments about how one sided I am. Furthermore, I will not be following anyone, so you don't have to follow me. This blog is basically for my mom. Thank you. Oh yah, 90 percent of what I say on this blog is probably not true. Use your common sense. Do you really think my kid can walk at one day old?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Three Months Old

I don't think that I have posted these yet. If I would do this on a regular basis it would be a lot easier. Anyway here are his three month photos, once again done by his gammy D. Thanks again.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fun Filled Family Weekend

This last weekend, Daunee's inlaws came to town and so did her brother-in-law. Also coming to town were Lucas's Grammy and Pappy and his Uncle Jeremy. If that wasn't enough, my mom and dad and oldest brother Jeremy stopped by for a few days.
We had fun. We relaxed in the hot tub, went pawn shopping and found nothing, went western shopping, cuz that is all the shops we have in town, and we drove up the mountain and I ate the Paul Bunyan burger at Arrowhead lodge. I almost tackled the two pound, twelve cheese Devils Tower burger, but I wasn''t sure if the beef would taste good enough to consume that much. It was good food though.
It was also Lucas's first trip up the mountain and he had a blast. He got to eat on the mountain, take a wiz and get changed and he got to ride up and down the hillside. He was exhausted.
The rest of the time was spent hanging out and talking about this and that. We also managed to fit in a pretty long photo shoot for Lucas's three month photos. He did a good job and my mom took some excellent photos. I will show those in his three month blog.
Thanks to everyone who came up this weekend. We all enjoyed the company. See you in a month.

Friday, February 5, 2010

One of us has to work

Daunee' finally had to go back to work. She wanted to be a stay at home mom, but one of has to work and I am too lazy for that. So she went back for a three night stretch. That meant I was left to watch the baby.
I knew I would handle it, but I wasn't sure how easy it would be. He must have known his mom was gone because he got depressed and slept each night for at least 6-8 hours without needing a feeding. It was good sleep for me and as soon as his mom was done and had her seven days off, he was back to normal.
Daunee' is a good mom and she always stayed up when she got home for a little baby time and she would wake up to pump and play even though she was exhausted after a 12 hour shift. It must be hard for her to only see Lucas not even three hours a day when she is working. But I think she enjoys getting out of the house and getting some work done. Don't we all.