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Saturday, September 25, 2010

My first plane ride

Lucas took his first plane ride at ten months old. We went to Seattle, Washington for his great uncle A.G's wedding. We decided to stay a few extra days for a little family vacation.
The wedding was very nice and Seattle is a city I could live in. I like the weather. We went to the boat locks and had a fun day with Daunee's grandparents even though I was a little under the weather. Some say it was from the PBR and wine the night before, but I think it was the raw chicken I ate two days earlier.
We got to see Keith and the Wizard from the Deadliest catch. We also went to the Space Needle, but didn't go up to the top, not for fifteen dollars a piece. We went to an I max movie, and to the Science center. It was fun for both Lucas and us parents. Lucas loved the water section and the tunnels and the drum room.
We did a lot of walking and we went to an Italian restaurant that only serves dishes that serve three or more. It was a lot of food.
We took a ferry ride tour of the bay, went to Pikes fish market and the original Starbuck's. Lucas ended up having a ruptured ear drum, the poor little guy. He was a perfect baby on the plane both ways. He even hammed it up for the cute flight attendant who came by just to hold him.
I have to mention Daunee's aunt Angie and uncle Jim were wonderful. We stayed the night at there house, Angie made us supper, they woke up at 5 a.m. to drive us to the airport and they picked us up a week later, made us lunch and sent us on our way. Plus they watched shultz for us.
We had a fun trip and would love to go back.

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  1. I'm so glad you had a good time, sorry about your illness and Lucas' ear. The photos look great and Seattle is one of those places I would like to visit just because of their wonderful climate.