I thought it was important for me to tell everyone who views this blog that I am only posting this blog to brag about my son, wife and dog. I don't want any comments about how one sided I am. Furthermore, I will not be following anyone, so you don't have to follow me. This blog is basically for my mom. Thank you. Oh yah, 90 percent of what I say on this blog is probably not true. Use your common sense. Do you really think my kid can walk at one day old?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My precious little Valentine~

My precious little Valentine~

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Who is the MAN

Oh yah...that's right...look at me...I am the MAN.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I am soo tired

Somebody does take after their mom. He can sleep enywhere, anytime....except his own bed.

First Halloween Trip

I am going on a trip to Grandmas and I am taking apples. I am going on a trip to Grandmas and I am taking apples and baby Lucas. I am going on a trip to Grandmas and I am taking apples, baby Lucas and costumes. I am going on a trip to Grandmas and I am taking apples, baby Lucas, costumes and Daunee'. I am going on a trip to Grandmas and I am taking apples, baby Lucas, costumes, Daunee' and eery stories. I am going on a trip to Grandmas and I am taking apples, baby Lucas, costumes, Daunee', eery stories and a crap load of FUN!!!

Just one of those guys.

So I haven't blogged for quite some time and I will chalk that up to being busy, even if I wasn't. I just had a few days and nights of watching Lucas while his mom was working and today I went back to work while he was at daycare. I picked him up, brought him home and he had fallen asleep in the car. So I layed him in bed with his mom and went about my day.
As I sat eating some pizza and watching t.v., it dawned on me that Lucas is just one of those guys.....just one of those guys that you always want to be around. He is only eleven months old and he already has a personality that makes you want to be with him all day.
He is always in a good mood with a smile that lights up the room and a rare laugh that makes you want to laugh with him. He goes about without a care in the world and you can't help but to join him. He gets super excited, enough to shake and grunt, and once again, you can't help but to join in his excitement. He has a hundred different expressions, some probably so similar to others that only his mom and dad notice. You always wonder what he is thinking and you can't wait for him to talk so that maybe you can join his world from time to time.
He is just one of those guys that you want to be around....even when he is poopy.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My first plane ride

Lucas took his first plane ride at ten months old. We went to Seattle, Washington for his great uncle A.G's wedding. We decided to stay a few extra days for a little family vacation.
The wedding was very nice and Seattle is a city I could live in. I like the weather. We went to the boat locks and had a fun day with Daunee's grandparents even though I was a little under the weather. Some say it was from the PBR and wine the night before, but I think it was the raw chicken I ate two days earlier.
We got to see Keith and the Wizard from the Deadliest catch. We also went to the Space Needle, but didn't go up to the top, not for fifteen dollars a piece. We went to an I max movie, and to the Science center. It was fun for both Lucas and us parents. Lucas loved the water section and the tunnels and the drum room.
We did a lot of walking and we went to an Italian restaurant that only serves dishes that serve three or more. It was a lot of food.
We took a ferry ride tour of the bay, went to Pikes fish market and the original Starbuck's. Lucas ended up having a ruptured ear drum, the poor little guy. He was a perfect baby on the plane both ways. He even hammed it up for the cute flight attendant who came by just to hold him.
I have to mention Daunee's aunt Angie and uncle Jim were wonderful. We stayed the night at there house, Angie made us supper, they woke up at 5 a.m. to drive us to the airport and they picked us up a week later, made us lunch and sent us on our way. Plus they watched shultz for us.
We had a fun trip and would love to go back.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ooh so good

Lucas got a little messy eating his cookie. He kept doing "Sooo Big" and the cookie eventually stuck to his head. Still so handsome.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nine months old

Just a few photos of Lucas at nine months old. He could crawl by now, but he isn't too interested in walking. He must take after his mom just a little bit.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crappie Dappie Do

Well, I haven't blogged for so long and I realized that my mom needed to see Lucas. So here he is. I don't know all that he has done and we are forgetting to write it down. So I will just put some pictures up and later I will add some actual blogs.

I know his aunt Kenzie gave him a pickle, he scoots and rolls from wall to wall, he had a boil on his but, he started daycare, he went to Colorado for Midevil festival and the north pole and the zoo, and he smiles, laughs and yells more.

I just can't remember when any of these things happened. And we bought him a swing and he loves it. He loves the outdoors more than anything.

So here are some photos.