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Monday, October 25, 2010

Just one of those guys.

So I haven't blogged for quite some time and I will chalk that up to being busy, even if I wasn't. I just had a few days and nights of watching Lucas while his mom was working and today I went back to work while he was at daycare. I picked him up, brought him home and he had fallen asleep in the car. So I layed him in bed with his mom and went about my day.
As I sat eating some pizza and watching t.v., it dawned on me that Lucas is just one of those guys.....just one of those guys that you always want to be around. He is only eleven months old and he already has a personality that makes you want to be with him all day.
He is always in a good mood with a smile that lights up the room and a rare laugh that makes you want to laugh with him. He goes about without a care in the world and you can't help but to join him. He gets super excited, enough to shake and grunt, and once again, you can't help but to join in his excitement. He has a hundred different expressions, some probably so similar to others that only his mom and dad notice. You always wonder what he is thinking and you can't wait for him to talk so that maybe you can join his world from time to time.
He is just one of those guys that you want to be around....even when he is poopy.

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  1. He is just one of those guys that easy to love, I will admit and I love him with poppy pants or none at all. Love ya Baby Lu!